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RED MAGIC-Our colt getting ready to race

Here are some particulars about our 2yo colt RED MAGIC,
that we are getting ready to race in about 6 months time..

He is 2 years old and bred to Northern Hemiphere time-
(foaled 20/Jan/2007)

From the time of identifying the mare, getting her bred, a year
of gestation, and now two and a half years later, this staying
bred colt is getting ready to go into pre-training. THIS HAS
intending owners need to do your sums, and look at spreading
the risk by forming a syndicate of really good reliable partners.
(budget on $1,000 a month for good agistment , and $2000
a month when in full training)

New owners and breeders need to be aware of this possible
very lengthy time of up to 4 years to get your first foal to the
races if you start out now and contemplate a staying bred mating.

You could save a year if you invest in a more precocious sire
and dam that would give you a significantly better chance of
racing as a 2yo. This would certainly give you an advantage in
earlier growth, more muscle and obviously more chance of
having both more basic speed and more early speed.It would
give you that advantage essential to yearling sale size if you
wanted to keep your options open , and of course there are
far more races for horses at the sprint distances
of 1200m or 1400m than for middle-distances past 1600m,
so you are also increasing your chances of breeding or
owning a winner. However, sprinters do have some problem
areas where 2yo's can be over exerted and not come back
as 3yo's, some sprinters fail to improve with age, some
sprinters tend to fade or slow down after 1200m, some
sprinters have less ability to absorb shock in shorter pasterns.

Over 30 years ago, I trained 4 horses and won with all of
them. Had a win in every 5 starts. Two were very sound
and started over 40 times each. The other 2 were very fast,
but both had soundness issues from an inbred sire and
unraced dam.Good selection of your parent stock is the
breeders greatest asset. Try and breed for soundness, and
for toughness and durability besides high class ability.

I'll list the great breeder TESIO's horses to show this trait in
another article later on. I've studied his matings for over 30
years and continue to be blown away by his knowledge,
insight and selection ability.

For a variety of reasons and circumstances, we have opted
for a staying bred colt that is not perfect, but he does look
to have potential.It is much harder to get staying bred colts
to win races, because the stamina from both sides of the
pedigree blunts the opposite trait of speed. This is why there
are hundreds of average stayers for every standout stayer that
has that magic trait of acceleration at the end of a staying race.
When engineering this mating, we tried to get all the 5 main
methods for putting speed into a staying pedigree. We are
reasonably pleased with the result, but would have liked
improvement in about 5 other main areas.We have got a
lot of good principles in this mating, but have to wear other
less desirable traits that came along with the package.

He may not win a race ( that is the risk of horse-racing
where about 68% of horses don't win) but we certainly
hope he gets the benefit of a lot of superior genetic tie-ups
in his back-ground ancestry.

BELOW is an abridged letter that we sent to one of
Australia's biggest Blood Stock Agencies that we have done
a lot of pedigree work for, showing some of the things in the
background of this colt.This should give new owners or
breeders some of the complexity looked for when
contemplating a mating. These comments are derived from
over 100 pages of intensive charts, computer print outs and
ancestry linking.


TWENTY FIVE Month old Chestnut colt.-

(Ready for pre-training in the next 2 months)

(Half/or 5 of 10 shares for sale)
Looking for a partner or partners to race a colt with us. He
looks to have huge potential. He goes away to pre-training
about June 1st for 5 or 6 weeks, and NZ top Trainer Mark
Walker will inspect his progress and if all goes well, he will
enter his stable for Spring racing. We expect him to win before
his Christmas break, and hope he will be really competitive
against the best 3yo’s in the Autumn. If he races up to his
pedigree and conformation, we think he should be aimed
at some selected Australian Stakes Races as a 4yo.

He was foaled Jan 20th, 2007, and is a 25 month old bright
chestnut colt by ISTIDAAD out of CATSEEKA…

2…He did a 6-week course of long reining, bitting, backing
and floating. Very nice temperament and nice action . The
breaking in people were highly impressed and are breaking
their necks to get him back to train, but I want the absolute
best NZ or AUST trainer opportunities for him.

3…Helen, myself, 2 daughters and Son-In-Law have all
taken a share, leaving 5 shares at nz$...

4…I have done a couple of dozen worthwhile but non
commercial matings-(Usually $1,000 mares) for the stud where
he comes from, (I recommended ISTADAAD’S purchase as
a sire from a hundred prospects) & my matings and principles
have resulted in CONGRATS-(5w in row-G3).. JUSTA TAD
-(G11) , SUGAR DAAD-(7w-2nd in Aust Grand National),
LADY LUCILLE- (4thG1), her sister-(3L first start),
KENADAAD-(LL) and a few other Black Type earners.
But this colt is the best bred, with the best crosses and the
best potential of them all.

5….The sire ISTIDAAD was a G1 winner of the Australian
Cup and 8 times G1 placed. (6 wins- G122 worth $1,757,236).
He ran virtual National Australian 1m 59.40 for
2000m and 1m 45.32 for 1800m. A very sound horse that ran
about 40 times and was a top class stayer that got better with
age, just like his progeny.

6….Last year he was 6th on the NZ sires table and 8th this
year without serving any commercial mares. Would have liked
to have been seriously rather than casually involved in getting
the right mares for this stallion, as he could have been
Champion NZ sire by now based on VG results from a very
few suitable matings. Has had no top mares, or commercial mares,
and few suitable mares.

7… ISTIDAAD is by Champion CHIEF’S CROWN..
12wins-(8 x G1)$2,191,169) the son of the phenomenal
DANZIG-(Sired 190 SW) out of a daughter of Champion
SECRETARIAT- (Triple Crown-16w-$1,316,808), and
his next 3 sires were Champions SWOON’S Son-(30 wins-
$970,605), TVLARK- 19wins-$902,194) and PONDER-
(14wins-Kentucky Derby-$541,275).

8…ISTIDAAD’s dam left 2SW, and is by Champion
ROBERTO-(7w-G111-EngDerby-$339,902) and the next
4 sires were top class gallopers. Eg.. NIGHT INVADER-
( 8w- $270,973), LOSER WEEPER-(16w-8SW-$232,920),
OCCUPY-(21w-$217,214) and POMPEY-(13w- $143,495.)

9…The dam of this colt is CATSEEKA, a winning and
prepotent mare inbred 4x3 to one of America’s greatest sires,
NORTHERN DANCER, (Worlds leading sire of SW-(147 SW)
until superseded by his son DANZIG –(190 SW) and grandson

10..She has 3 of the most successful sires of SW in the world
close up in her pedigree, eg. STORM CAT-(163 SW),
-(147 SW). Being a winning mare, balanced inbred 4x3 to
Champion NORTHERN DANCER, and with outstanding
stallions close up in her pedigree and with some very impressive
line-breeding, she looks to have all the qualifications to be
able to leave a high class Stakes Winner, if bred to a high
class, very suitable stallion that hits her pre-potency.

11..CATSEEKA is a daughter of STORM CAT stallion
MOUNTAIN CAT, the 1st colt of his crop to win over
a million dollars in the USA as a 2yo. He was a very fast
stallion, won 6 races-G2333- $1,478,901
12..His sire STORM CAT (4w-G1-$570,610) was so
outstanding that he commanded the highest Stud Fee in the
world for quite a few years. His 1st dam was by Champion
KEY TO THE MINT- (14w- $576,015), his 2nd dam was
by Champion NEVER BEND-(13w-KenD-$641,524),
and his 3rd dam was the Champion race mare

13..This Jan 2007 Chestnut colt is the first foal of CATSEEKA.
His 2nd dam DANS’ORE is a muscular, very well made mare
standing just over 16 hands. She is one of the most striking
mares I’ve ever seen. Her first 4 foals to race have all been
winners, and every other mare within this colts 5 generation
pedigree, ( eg..first 31 dams) has produced one or more
Stakes Winners which is real depth of breeding ability..

14..DANS’ ORE is by G1 winner MINING-(6w-G1-
$264,030), the high class son of Multiple Champion sire
MR PROSPECTOR-(7wins) from a daughter of Champion
galloper & sire BUCKPASSER-(25w-$1,462,014) and
next sire was Champion MAJESTIC PRINCE-(9w-
KenDerby- $414,200)

15…Second dam DANCING DORIS-(2w2L,3G2,2L-
D8w-2SW) is by Champion galloper and sire NORTHERN
DANCER-(14w-$580,640) from hard hitting race-mare
DORIS WHITE-(4w- D5w- 3SW).Her next 2 sires were
top gallopers BLACKBEARD-6wins and COUNTY
DELIGHT- 9wins.

16…Since putting together this pedigree, there are at least
14 current millionaire horses bred on similar crosses , and
similar breeding principles to this colt.. Below are listed
some of them

No 1----SEBRING2005….This years G1 Golden Slipper
winner with the same NORTHERN DANCER triple cross,

No 2----WEEKEND HUSSLER…6 G1 wins and recently
ranked World Champion 3yo in the world. Has the terrific
concentrated build-up which is the main source of his ability.

No 3----DR FONG-1995..5wG122-P455,529..ROBERTO-
(HailToReason/Bramalea) crosses with MR PROSPECTOR.

No 4….USA Champion BARBAR0-2003….6w-G113-
$2,302,200 ROBERTO-(HailToReason/Bramalea) over

$1,432,160 ROBERTO-(HailToReason,Bramalea)-over

No 6…Champion Older horse in Europe..INTIKAB-1994
-8w-G23-P233,305 (ROBERTO over MR PROSPECTOR
crosses tie-ups)

No 7…PRIZED GEM-(9w-G1-BrisbaneCup-$744,971)
(ROBERT)-(HailToReason,Bramalea) over MR
PROSPECTOR build ups)

No 8…YOU-1999….9w-G11111-$2,101,533
MR PROSPECTOR build ups)

No 9…Champion ROCK HARD TEN-001-7wG111-
$1,970,380 (ROBERTO over MR PROSPECTOR
concentrated build up)

No 10…RISKAVERSE-1999…9w-G111-$2,182,429
(ROBERTO over MR PROSPECTOR concentrated build up)

No 11…World Champion Ranked No 1 horse in the world
CURLIN-9w12sG11111-$10,000,000 MR PROSPECTOR
over SUNDAY PURCHASE, the mare that hits the same
concentrated build up as MR PROSPECTOR and ROBERTO.
This mating has all the same NORTHERN DANCER/
STORM CAT intense build-up same as the ISTIDAAD
colt and the other 10 examples listed above.

concentrated crosses build –just like the ISTIDAAD colt..

No 13…BRAHMS1997………..5w-G1,G3,L-$1,345,447
No 14…DAYJUR1987………...7w-P467,034
No 15…FLYING SPUR1992….6wG111-$2,085,483
No 17…MIDDLESEX DRIVE….7w-$746,819
No 18…MISS FINLAND003….10wG11-$4,122,125
No 19…SHANIA DANE2001….5wG2233-$846,450
No 20…WAR CHANT1997……5wG122-$1,130,600

17….As you can see, this colt has enormous potential based
on the success of other outstanding gallopers bred in similar
very powerful ways just the way he is.


19….His sire ISTIDAAD –(6w-G122-$1,750,000-8x
G1 placed) is very prepotent to .the World Class,
$1,316,808) in his .pedigree because of a strong INTRICATE
3x2 cross of both SECRETARIAT and a genetic
female relative.

20…. This hits the same powerful cross of SECRETARIAT
–(and his 3x1 intricate with a female .genetic relative) as well,
in the outstanding broodmare sire MOUNTAIN CAT.
There are 4 principles involved in this cross, plus he has
another even stronger cross to back this up.

21…..This ISTIDAAD colt has the same bright chestnut
colour that SECRETARIAT had, .so it can be assumed that
this very powerful cross that resulted in the Millionaire
earning sire (ISTIDAAD) and Millionaire earning maternal
sire (MOUNTAIN CAT) .when multiplied many times over
in this colts pedigree, should have the same beneficial .effect,
especially as he has the brilliant specialized concentrations
that resulted in .WEEKEND HUSSLER, CURLIN
and a number of other World Class gallopers.


22…I’ve looked at the ability throughout the pedigree and have
been very impressed that every sire has been a sire of STAKES
WINNERS. In fact, the 1st 31 sires out to 5 generations have
sired 1,996 STAKES WINNERS to date, which is an
average of 64.38 per sire.That would be very hard to beat!!

23…The first 31 dams in the pedigree out to 5 generations
have produced 67 STAKES WINNERS, which is an average
of 2.16 STAKES WINNERS EACH for the first 31 dams.

24…The first 31 sires in his pedigree have AVERAGED a
huge 12.10 wins each.Tthe first 31 dams in his pedigree have
averaged a huge 4.10 wins each, so plenty of racing ability
throughout the pedigree. – His first 62 ancestors to 5
generations all averaged an impressive ……7.97 wins.

25….This colt has the same coat colour of his linebred
ancestor SECRETARIAT, a World and USA Record setter,
and Triple Crown winner of 16 races, which is a key duplication
.in the pedigree, so leads one to think the influence will be
very strong and beneficial.

26…This colt is the same shape as ISTADAAD’s
CONGRATS, all of which we have inspected.

27…He has the make and shape of a stayer, in the same mold
as his sire ISTIDAAD, which was a GROUP 1 WINNER,
and we expect this colt to have the same level of racing ability,
as he has exciting and concentrated linebreeding which has
resulted in many millionaires and several World Champions.

28…We particularly like his good hip to hock length, and
straight hocks which promise extra good push and very
good length of stride, and we expect him to have a big finish.

29…He does toe out slightly in both front feet, just like his
sire ISTADAAD, but as he raced and etired sound, we do
not think there will be any problem there. We checked with
the farrier who put shoes on him at the breaking in stage,
and he said he was fine. He quoted about 9 top Stakes
Winning horses running at the moment that did actually
have really bad leg conformation and they were running and
winning in the best company..

30…ISTIDAAD is a fraction over 16 hands, CATSEEKA
is about 15 hands 3 inches, granddam DANS’ORE is a good
sized, really well muscled mare that went through the sale ring
recently for about $55,000, and stands a fraction above 16
hands. We think this colt will take after NORTHERN
DANCER which appears 3 times in his pedigree & is about
15 hands 3 inches, the approximate height of other close
ancestors CHIEFS CROWN-(8x G1), DANZIG-(190SW),

31…This colt should be a finer built, staying colt, about 15h 3”,
hopefully a STAKES WINNER as a late 3yo, and expected
to get better as a 4yo and 5yo in the staying Cups races.

32…If we can get some good partners to take a half share
in the colt, we would like to get an agreement to really feed
him well here for a year through this winter and the next, then
get him into a top stable in Australia for late Spring racing or
preferably Autumn racing where we think he will do very well.

33…If Australian partners do not materialize, we will retain
ownership here in NZ, put him into the best possible stable
here, carefully analyse & assess his potential, then race him
in Australia as a 4yo.

NB…We are really keen to invite highly interested owners who
would be really keen and interested in racing this colt with us.
We are looking very hard for a follow up horse or 2 with
more speed potential, and high class ability in the dam

NB…We have compiled the pedigrees of over 48,000 mares
in the last 3 Australian Stud Books .and found a large group
of mares with a huge advantage if they were to go to a sire
with the.right bloodlines. We are on the track of a standout
racing colt with phenomenal tie-ups and a high suitability
for these high class Australian mares, aiming for a sire that
could have a potential to be Champion.Australian Sire if
we can get enough of these right mares.


Please contact : PRATT FAMILY TRUST…
ph: (07)- 883- 5778..or

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